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Bay Area Nature

My biggest pet project in the last couple of years has been to explore some of the natural areas in the San Francisco Bay Area - the parks, beaches, nature preserves. There is a lot of natural beauty hidden in our urban environment, and I completely took it for granted for many many years. Now, I am making an effort to learn about them, and find out what we are doing to preserve these natural areas.

A centerpiece of this project is my series on the San Francisco Bay Trail. I don't have a car, so I haven't been able to get to all of the places I want to go yet, but I will get there eventually.

Feathers and Eggs

I started collecting feathers, and a few eggs, several years ago. I wanted to photograph them, partly to preserve them, but also as a way of appreciating them better. As I worked on this series, I began to think of still-life photography in new ways. I even began to experiment with abstraction, and pretty soon the series began to take on a life of it's own. The only thing I can say for sure at this point, is that I will continue to add to this series.


A few years ago, I started doing a series of abstract photographs in places of worship. Well, I say places of worship, but most of the churches that are open to the public on a daily basis are Catholic churches. Nevertheless, I am very happy with some of the results of this series, and I hope you will enjoy them as well.

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