The Solar Eclipse was Clouded Out in the Bay Area 

Solar Eclipse Through the Clouds

Eclipse watchers in the Bay Area, myself included, were disappointed this morning to wake up to cloudy skies. We knew this was a likely possibility, but we hoped that the usual morning fog would clear away in time to see the eclipse. As late as Sunday night, people were still looking for eclipse glasses, and stores were sold out. But those glasses were not needed after all. For most of the Bay Area, the clouds stayed stubbornly in place for the entire eclipse event.

I went to the Lafayette Reservoir, hoping that the sky would be clear further inland, but that was not the case. I’m not sure at this point how far inland I would have had to go to see the eclipse, so I just stuck to my original plan. I only saw the briefest glimpses of the eclipse through the clouds.

I had a very nice hike anyway. Lafayette Reservoir is a lovely place to go for a walk in a natural setting. The trail around the perimeter has some ups and downs, but it is not a difficult hike. It is a very peaceful hike. You can see several species of oak trees, and plenty of wildlife. There are wild flowers in the spring. I also saw a group of wild turkeys.

So, for me at least, this morning was not a complete bust. I had chosen to stay in the Bay Area for the eclipse, instead of traveling hundreds of miles to be in the path of totality, and as a result I missed it almost entirely. But I also knew that I wouldn’t be seeing the full dramatic effects of a total solar eclipse, and I had a nice short hike in a lovely Bay Area park that I would not have otherwise done.

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